On building products for everyone

There are many of us on this earth. When building wonderful products for everyone, we believe that creativity and innovation are best achieved in an environment that embraces the unique perspectives and experiences of all of us. And that as an employer, it is our responsibility to continuously foster and protect such an environment.

We think that the best and most sustainable way to do this is by empowering our teams to design products that resonate regardless of background. The best products are shaped by minds that understand and appreciate the sense of belonging that this creates, and requires. We work to ensure that everything from recruitment to training and leadership contributes to that goal through our culture, our priorities, and our incentives.

To you as a member of our team, know this: our commitment to nurturing this creative environment shapes the products we create. We want every feature in all of our products to carry with it the collective wisdom of a team that reflects the world we live in. This is not merely about representation — it is about crafting experiences that are truly for everyone.

Why make this statement?

Because we think it matters.

We also share these principles to hold ourselves accountable, ensuring that they are not just words on a page but are actively reflected in our products, our design ethos, and our processes. Behind this statement is a robust framework of internal guidelines, metrics, and tools available to all of our teams. They provide concrete steps to make our aspirations practical and actionable.

Our intent for this public declaration is to serve as a guiding star, not only for our team members but also for our brand partners, and our community.