Quality Policy

Bontouch believes that technology can be used to solve meaningful problems in impactful ways. We believe that together with our brand partners, we can use digital technologies to reduce friction in real life. At the core of that belief is a conviction that quality matters; that things that are worth doing, are worth doing well.

High quality means that we have effective and appropriate organizational knowledge and processes in place to pursue our mission, in accordance with our core values, ultimately getting us closer to our vision.

It also means that the ways we operate as a company consistently and predictably generate the outcomes we wish for our people, our products, and our partners. We demonstrate that commitment by being ISO 9001-compliant, and by actively seeking to constantly improve our management systems.


 •  Quality in HR processes ensures that employees have a safe and secure work environment, where they can do their best work and develop professionally.

 •  Quality in recruitment processes means we can hire recruits with the right mix of personalities and competencies, to develop great products and provide an inspiring atmosphere at work.


 •  Quality in our products means providing great experiences for the end users, customer satisfaction and a sense of pride in our employees.

 •  Our products should never abuse the users or their personal data. This is an important part of Our Promise.


 •  Quality in customer relationships ensures that our partners see continuous value in working with us, trusting us and seeing concrete results of the partnership.

 •  Quality in the sales process ensures that we can start working with new partners, whose goals for the partnership align with ours, to build long-term cooperation.